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SpookyShoe April 7, 2018 05:13 PM

What's blooming now?
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Nun's Orchid and Shrimp Plant.

Donna, Texas Gulf Coast

SpookyShoe April 7, 2018 05:26 PM

Begonia and Foxglove
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Donna, Texas Gulf Coast, zone 9

SpookyShoe April 7, 2018 05:41 PM

Misc. pots
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I planted two of the large pots with gladiolus bulbs. I hope they bloom. This was taken about 2 weeks ago. The ferns along the fence died back b/c of a rare hard freeze where it got down to an unheard of 20 degrees. They are just now starting to come back from the roots. Donna

pmcgrady April 7, 2018 05:59 PM

Daffodils and crocus and 2" of snow tomorrow...

SpookyShoe April 7, 2018 06:00 PM

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I can't kill these. This one has survived since Christmas 2016. What flowers, trees, shrubs, and whatever is blooming for you guys?

Donna, Texas Gulf Coast

jillian April 7, 2018 06:15 PM

Spookyshoe those are all gorgeous!

SpookyShoe April 7, 2018 06:25 PM

Flowering trees yet?
[QUOTE=pmcgrady;693892]Daffodils and crocus and 2" of snow tomorrow...[/QUOTE]

I heard on the news today that the cherry blossoms in DC are at their peak.


pmcgrady April 7, 2018 07:21 PM

Nothing is really blooming here, seems like a month behind last year. No cherries, magnolia, no forthsia no dandelion... no morels YET!

SpookyShoe April 21, 2018 04:26 PM

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Pink "Knockout" rose and yellow miniature rose.

Donna, Texas Gulf Coast

SpookyShoe April 21, 2018 04:32 PM

Impatiens in planter, pineapple sage
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They'll grow a lot as time goes on. The elephant ears are coming back from the roots of the mother plant which died back the abnormally cold winter.

Donna, Texas Gulf Coast, zone 9

SpookyShoe April 21, 2018 05:03 PM

Confederate Jasmine
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This is a very young plant. Blooms are quite fragrant. Bees like.


MissS April 21, 2018 09:04 PM

I sure am glad that someone has flowers. I look out the window and am still seeing snow... :evil:

Salsacharley April 21, 2018 09:30 PM

Donna, your roses are insanely vibrant! All your flowers look very nice.

NarnianGarden April 22, 2018 06:21 AM

Nothing growing in the ground yet. A white narcissus is blooming on my balcony. Smells wonderful, but too strong for indoors.

Edit. Found a pic and description..

SpookyShoe April 22, 2018 10:34 AM

For those with no blooms.....
Courage ( pronounced with French accent)!!!! Your day in the sun is coming!


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