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ChristinaJo November 13, 2018 03:59 PM

Central Market Garlic
I have already planted my garlic for fall... went to Central Market and they had Colossal and Ail Rose De Lautrec..... I succomed to plant store bought garlic! They were huge😜

Nan_PA_6b November 13, 2018 07:23 PM

Who could resist? Big garlic cloves are easier to chop than peeling 3 small ones.

I'm planting garlic for the first time: DH wanted something with big cloves, so I've got Kettle River Giant.

Worth1 November 13, 2018 07:26 PM

I wish a Central Market parking space held my truck.


PhilaGardener November 14, 2018 06:47 AM

Some of my best performing garlic has come from local farmer's markets. Central Market is part of a larger chain, but maybe these were grown somewhere in TX. Nice if they are listing varieties.

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