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GoDawgs June 14, 2021 07:39 AM

First Chinese String Eggplants
Pickles picked the first Chinese String eggplant yesterday. It's one of this year's toys. You're supposed to be able to just cook it with skins on as they're very tender. We'll try them today. Of course, they're not as big as the ones in the photo on the seed packet. Baker Creek. LOL! Those look to be 8" long. LOL!



Maybe as the plant matures the fruits will get bigger. The plant is pretty big!


Is anyone else growing this?

GoDawgs June 27, 2021 01:55 PM

OK, I let them just grow to see how long they'd get. These were picked yesterday and made into a stir fry with lunch today. They cook quickly, the skins are very soft and the inside is very creamy. I LIKE this one!


NewWestGardener June 28, 2021 06:20 PM

So how long are they now? :)

GoDawgs July 1, 2021 03:05 PM

Those in the most recent post are about 8-10" long. They were cut into about 1" long pieces with the skins on and stir fried. They were so creamy and the skins were very tender. We'll have to grow this again next year.

There's another round growing out there now but they need more time.

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