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Master Shake January 20, 2020 06:13 AM

Master Shake vegetable garden
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I thought i'd make a thread to show my tomatoes and maybe some of the other fruit and vegetables i grow. :)

[SIZE="2"](from right to left)[/SIZE]

[SIZE="4"]Brandywine, Carbon, White Beauty, Amana Orange[/SIZE]

Whwoz January 20, 2020 06:36 AM

Beautiful Master Shake

Master Shake January 20, 2020 06:49 AM

[QUOTE=Whwoz;752678]Beautiful Master Shake[/QUOTE]

Thanks Whwoz :)

The Brandywine is my favourite of these 4.
Perfect colour and texture and full of flavour.

kath January 20, 2020 08:18 AM

Yay! We love photos...and dreaming about tomatoes and fresh veggies at this time of year! Thank, you, Master Shake!

Nan_PA_6b January 20, 2020 05:48 PM

Oh, we really need you Aussies this time of year! Looks luscious!

SQWIBB January 21, 2020 08:16 AM

Looking good, thanks for sharing.

Master Shake January 21, 2020 10:34 PM

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Seeing as the photos were appreciated, here are some more :)

Dester (top), Creole (bottom), Cherokee Purple (right)

Master Shake January 31, 2020 07:08 AM

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Some more tomatoes :?

[B][SIZE="4"][COLOR="DarkOrange"][I]Cherokee Chocolate, Creole, Black Russian, Flamme (*2) and Pink Bumblebee (*2)[/I][/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]

Master Shake January 31, 2020 07:19 AM

And just want to say [B][I][COLOR="SeaGreen"]THANK YOU[/COLOR][/I][/B] to the multiple people already who have offered me seeds (if you read this).

I didn't really know what the etiquette for sharing seeds was on here, but it seems not a big deal and commonplace.
Maybe i will make a list of ones i am interested in that i don't already have one day to see if anyone can help me, but for this next year or 2 i have more than i can use, and i plan on making some crosses of my own to grow out and see what i find.

Nan_PA_6b January 31, 2020 10:06 AM

Any time you're ready, just post in the Seeds Wanted section!

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