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Labradors2 February 10, 2018 12:25 PM

Earliest red sweet pepper
I'm looking for an early red sweet pepper with good taste.

Any suggestions?


PNW_D February 10, 2018 12:48 PM

This is one I've been considering ..... have yet to grow it

rhines81 February 10, 2018 02:52 PM

When you say early and red in the same sentence you add about 3 weeks to just about any variety.

Take a look at ACE (F1)

Labradors2 February 10, 2018 03:01 PM

Understood, but they taste SO much better when they are red :)

Will check out Wisconsin Lakes and Ace F1.


jmsieglaff February 10, 2018 03:51 PM

Melrose! I got it via trade last year and was impressed with flavor, production til frost and VERY early for a red sweet pepper. Long slender shape.

KarenO February 10, 2018 04:10 PM

King of the North is a good one and early

Labradors2 February 10, 2018 04:41 PM

Oh great! I have Melrose in my collection because I read that it tastes good!

Must check out King of the North.


bower February 10, 2018 04:53 PM

I have heard good things about Melrose. I believe it's a frying pepper, similar to Jimmy Nardello, which is quite early and we love the taste as well.
A thicker walled early red sweet pepper with more of a bell shape is Franks. One unique thing about Franks, I have ripened the late ones to red off the vine in a paper bag without shrivelling up or turning nasty.
I'm not a fan of unripe peppers. :no:/puke

Labradors2 February 10, 2018 05:30 PM

Ah yes! Thanks for reminding me, Bower, that Melrose is a skinny frying pepper. I'm definitely trying it out this year.

I grew Franks last year, but I didn't have the best pepper-growing year and was disappointed in the taste of most of them. I do remember that Franks was very productive, and I'll try it again this year.

I don't even bother with green peppers any more :bummer:


bower February 10, 2018 06:24 PM

Yeah IMO the taste of Franks was pretty average, nothing special. We all adore Jimmy Nardello for being so tasty.
Pimento type peppers can be really sweet and of course they're truly juicy with thick hard walls. I'm trying to remember another name but will have to dig out my pepper seeds to tell you which ones I tried. They were all decently early although some pimento types are a good bit smaller than bells or fryers.
One of my favorite peppers is an 'Italian Pepperoncini" I got originally from West Coast Seeds. They are thinner than Jimmy N, but very prolific and tasty, with just a small and totally inoffensive heat on board. They start out pale green and ripen red, and I feel the pale greeners are not as bitter unripe as the dark greeners, but maybe I shouldn't generalize. :?!?:
I guess it really is time to dig those pepper seeds out. :lol:

bower February 10, 2018 06:41 PM

Lipstick is the one I was thinking of. :) (Yes, my seeds are now spread all over the table.) ;)

jmsieglaff February 10, 2018 06:47 PM

I don't think you'll be disappointed with Melrose. I always start my peppers fairly early and set them out about May 15-20 in buckets.

My first red one was July 16; 64 days from transplant, 138 from seed.

rhines81 February 10, 2018 07:15 PM


Originally Posted by KarenO (Post 682238)
King of the North is a good one and early

I really have to disagree with KoN - I have been growing this one for several years and have never had a red pepper happen before frost. Ever. Very low productivity too. I am looking for another OP replacement this year, trying Ozark Giant (75 days, so not early).
Last year I even started one of the KoNs in early Feb thinking it might be better and still only got 3 large and 2 small green peppers by mid October. Other peppers were fairly prolific (sorry, just really not a fan of KoN at all).

Labradors2 February 10, 2018 08:00 PM

Hey Bower, what fun that I caused you to clutter up your table with peppers seeds :).

I grew Jimmy Nardello once from seeds from a swap, but it was slighty hot so may have been crossed. Unfortunately, I'm not too keen on hot peppers :(.

I have Lipstick a cute little pepper. Definitely on the "grow" list!

Hey Jamie, mid-July for red peppers is amazing! I have high hopes for Melrose this season :)


PNW_D February 10, 2018 09:25 PM

I couldn't resist and bought this one while browsing all the freshly arrived seed packs at local garden store - I have no idea if it is a good one - simply called Red Bell and there is no mention of flavour, hmmm - not exactly early either :?!?:
let me know if you'd like a few (not a general offer folks)

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