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Cecilia_MD7a March 15, 2010 11:50 AM

Woo-Hoo! My "Scarabs" are sprouting!
I noticed several little greenies coming up when I came home from visiting the in-laws in PA yesterday. Last year, I had 0 percent germination of this variety, so I'm thrilled. Now, if DelMar would just germinate ... maybe soon.

Greater Baltimore has also sprouted. I'm glad, because now I can move the Scarabs and GBs and start some more varieties.

How's everybody else progressing?

stormymater March 15, 2010 03:24 PM

I'm late but sowing today - dug out the Scarabs package & the remainders of the Greater Baltimore, Sunray & DelMars you kindly sent from last year. Have saved seed for Chesapeake & will sow any I have left over from last year's purchase (haven't come across them yet grrr). They'll catch up fast - using the electric blanket again & we may have actually entered spring!

Worth1 March 15, 2010 04:20 PM

I thought a scarab was a bug.:shock:


stormymater March 15, 2010 05:19 PM

It is - a dung beetle. Scarab is so named b/c Chuck Wyatt found the plant growing on a pile of horse manure at the Timonium racetrack. Clever feller! ;)

Worth1 March 15, 2010 05:38 PM


Originally Posted by stormymater (Post 161487)
It is - a dung beetle. Scarab is so named b/c Chuck Wyatt found the plant growing on a pile of horse manure at the Timonium racetrack. Clever feller! ;)

We call them tumble bugs. In the desert of West Texas they will show up before anything hits the ground.:?:

Strange critters.

Now what does the plant look like?

geeboss March 15, 2010 08:59 PM


I'm patiently waiting for the weather to warm up here in N Va. My seedlings are potted up from 16 oz cups into 1/2 gal milk cartons and the first of them are starting to bloom same with my cucumbers. I'll start hardening them off on the 20th for a late March planting in my SWC. Just need to build more growing space. DW is asking when will the basement stop smelling like tomatoes. LOL Can't wait to see how Lime Green Salad, Top Sirloin, Chapman, Costralee, Toedebusch Pink, Jersey Devil, Wes, Kosovo, Nar/BW, Orange Strawberry, VA Sweets, Summer Cider, Pork Chop, Spudakee and Black Brandywine turn out......Thanks to all who helped with these !!!

And to the Dwarfs added Lucky Leprechaun, New Big Dwarf, Golden Dwarf Champion,

Saw my 1st Bumble Bee on Tuesday so Spring is just about here in N. Va Yippy


Cecilia_MD7a March 21, 2010 04:41 PM

More good news! My DelMars have germinated, too! So, with the Scarabs, I will have two new Mid-Atlantic varieties this year (HOPEFULLY).

I also decided to try Black Sea Man and Slovenian Black, since I generally like black tomatoes (although I remember some really awful Black From Tula that somebody brought to MAGTAG one year - must have been a bad season for it). I notice that I also have seeds for something called Black Sea Elephant - anybody have any idea what this variety is like?

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