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Durgan April 18, 2017 07:58 PM

18 April 2017 Asparagus
18 April 2017 Asparagus

Posted on April 18, 2017 by Durgan 18 April 2017 Asparagus
First of the season 2017 asparagus. The bed is permanent about 8 feet by 5 feet, and was planted with 11 crowns of Guelph Millennium about 9 years ago. It will be left one more day before harvesting. It is harvested about every third day for around 20 to 30 days. This year two stalks will be left on three plants and allowed to grow. The theory being that the growth sustains growing more stalks. This is a test of the theory. Last year 14 pounds were taken over the season, starting 10 May 2016, so the stalks are early this year..

Durgan April 27, 2017 06:48 PM

Tracking weight over the season
First asparagus harvest 2017 1 Pound 23 April 2017 Asparagus
First asparagus harvest 2017 1 Pound
25 April 2017 Parsnips. No picture. One pound was harvested today. This post is a record of the harvest over the season. 27 April 2017 Parsnips
Today 1 1\4pound was picked.

Durgan May 1, 2017 12:29 PM

1 May 2017 Asparagus 1 May 2017 Asparagus

One pound of asparagus cut today. It has been cool the last few days hovering around 5C and several rains.

Jeanus May 4, 2017 03:11 PM

Beautiful How many years until you got such large harvests?

Durgan May 4, 2017 03:46 PM

About three years after planting before the current harvest. The bed I about 8 years in being.

Jeanus May 8, 2017 04:28 PM

Ok thanks I started some in pots last year and was wondering how long before I get suc beautiful harvests. Looks like I have to wait a while.

Durgan May 10, 2017 07:10 PM

One pound of asparagus cut today. Weather cool and wet, but asparagus grows. 6 May 2017 Asparagus 10 May 2017 Asparagus One pound
One pound cut today.

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