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celticman July 24, 2007 11:45 AM

Do you think it is in any way possible have someone show exactly how to cross a tomato on Saturday at Tomatopalooza???:?: :?: :idea: :oops: :dizzy: I have tried numerous times :oops: :dizzy: :? :( and I am sure it is something simple that I am missing that once I see it do will click.

Rena July 24, 2007 12:10 PM

Oh that would be a great idea.:idea: :idea:

nctomatoman July 24, 2007 01:27 PM

Well, I know that there is a large garden where we will hold the event....we could wander out there and take a few flowers apart (will have to ask first of course!)

Patrina_Pepperina July 29, 2007 10:03 PM

Did it happen? It would have been great to do this :D

nctomatoman July 29, 2007 10:09 PM

I did take Tim out to the garden when things quieted down (I think Rena had already left), showed him how to emasculate the flower. Pollen was not shedding (it was very humid), so I talked him through what to do next. Now, if I can only follow my own directions! I may go for a cross or two in the late crop, just for practice (though, come to think of it, I will have Citron and White Bush growing - could go for a cross with Lucky Cross, and another with Cherokee Purple).

Patrina_Pepperina July 30, 2007 12:10 AM

*PP makes a mental note to bring her electric toothbrush to Tomatopalooza 6* :lol::lol::lol:

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