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gtnate July 15, 2011 03:25 PM

Are these different varieties?
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I bought two tomatillo plants this year and planted them together in a container that I would guess is about 10-15 gallons. A few notes about the plants:

1) When I bought them, 1 of them already had 2 fruitset and a bunch of blossoms, the other had no fruit or blossoms
2) I noticed when I brought them home that the 1 with fruit had purple stripes on the stems and its leaves were more jagged than the other plant
3) When I bought them, the were approximately the same size

In the past about 30-40 days since I bought them, the 1 that initially had no fruit has grown quite a bit taller than the other one (and has begun putting on fruit). See the first picture for the difference in the size of the two plants, and the second picture for the difference in the stems.

I'm just curious, do any tomatillo experts think that these are different varieties? Do you think that a difference in the variety is causing the really asymmetric growth, or is it just due to the fact that 1 started with more fruit?


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