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Lee May 16, 2011 07:28 AM

Tomatopalooza™ 9 Announcement
Announcing the ninth annual Tomatopalooza™ heirloom tomato tasting! We will be holding our ninth annual event this year at Apex Community Park in Apex, NC. Date : 7/23/2011 Time: 1pm~4pm This year marks an even more laid back event than the past years. Registration is requested this year, and information on that can be found out the web site, when I make it available. We will be in the large shelter at the park only 50' from the waterside! See [URL][/URL] for more information and directions. Please post here if you have questions/comments or are planning to attend. Lee

Lee June 18, 2011 07:42 AM

Registration is now open.

Those who plan on bringing tomatoes, please list what varieties you
will be bringing in this thread... obviously once you have a good idea of what fruit will ripen! :)


Lee July 13, 2011 10:48 AM

The event is only 10 days away. And the tomatoes are really starting
to come in now! So, hopefully there will be a good showing at this
year's event.

Again, please email or post the varieties that you will be bringing so
that we can create labels ahead of time.

Also, it has been asked that if you have a lot of tomatoes, try to
show up a little early, ie. 12~12:30 to speed up the photos and other
organization stuff!

See ya there!


nctomatoman July 13, 2011 04:02 PM

Lee, I'll know better once I return from Iowa....will do a check mid next week.

gardenmama July 19, 2011 07:05 PM

[U]Planning to bring:[/U]
Aunt Ruby's German Green
Chocolate Truffle (a new variety I'm working on and want flavor feedback)
Mountain Gold
Hillbilly West Virginia
Ben Gantz
Unknown Pink Cherry (RL showed up in the middle of Jeff Davis seed block)
Green Giant

[U]From the Dwarf Project:[/U]
Wherokowhai F5
Purple Frosty
Brandy Fred
Tasty Wine (possibly)

nctomatoman July 20, 2011 08:24 AM

Can't wait to try the Wherokowhai! Worms found many of my fruit...but they are the right size and color.

most of all, can't wait to see you again, Martha!

Ken B July 21, 2011 11:28 AM

[U]Planning to bring:[/U]

Garden Peach
Green Zebra
Australian Beeksteak
Arkansas Traveller
Illini Star

[U]Hoping to bring (not sure yet):[/U]

Abraham Lincoln
Black Brandywine
Vinson Watts

(We'll update this list Friday evening!)

Ken Bezilla
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
central VA

nctomatoman July 21, 2011 02:37 PM

Just got in from picking (my T shirt must have weighed 10 pounds by the time I finished watering and picking everything in the yard....brutal out there!). I figure if it is OK now (Thurs PM), it will be reasonably OK at worst by Saturday (there is always the seed saving only option!). Most of this should be fine.

Indeterminate/non-dwarf project varieties (there always could be a few more between now and then - but this is pretty accurate, I think). I've got some from old seed saved in different years we can compare - this is kind of a "purity/stability" check!

37 varieties:

Mexico Midget
Rose Quartz Multiflora
Red Robin
Stump of the World
Surprise (1997)
Cherokee Chocolate 96-9
Lucky Cross 02-62
Henderson Bicolor (purple fruited)
Brandywine 01-11
Martino's Roma
Russian Queen
Brandywine 95-71
Pink Berkeley Tie Dye
Not Indian Stripe
Cherokee Purple 01-3
Cherokee Chocolate 05-55
Lucky Cross 02-59
Yellow Prue
Ozark Cherry
Yellow Bell
Lucky Cross 02-55
Reinhart's Yellow heart
Garden Peach
Cherokee Purple Heart
Bisignano #2
Dr Carolyn Pink
Cherokee Chocolate 96-3
Mullens Mortgage Lifter
Dr Wyche's Yellow
Mystery White Cherry
Lime Green Salad
Surprise (1998)
Andrew Rahart Jumbo Red
Halladay's Mortgage Lifter
Cherokee Chocolate 01-19

Dwarf project:

28 varieties

Jade Beauty from commercial seed
Tasmanian Chocolate 2582
Blazing Beauty 2842
Blazing Beauty 2851
Dwarf Wild Fred from commercial seed
Sarandipity latest generation
Tidy striped, purple fruit
Sweet Adelaide from latest generation
Pesty Pink from latest generation
Rosella Crimson 08-50 - selection of choice so far
Emerald Giant 2818 - commercial sample
Wherokowhai - latest generation
Perth Pride - latest generation
Coorong Red - latest generation
TastyWine - latest generation
Rosella Purple 2826
Rosella Purple 2814 - from commercial sample
Summertime Gold 3035
Shellby's Purple latest generation
Sleeping Lady - latest generation
Fred's Tie Dye - latest generation
Tasty Brown purple fruit
Summertime Green 2821 - commercial sample
Uluru Ochre - latest generation
Emerald Giant 3040
Loxton Lass - latest generation
Pesty Bicolor - latest generation
Dwarf Russian Swirl - latest generation

A few things to watch for in the tasting: how the various generations of Cherokee Chocolate, Cherokee Purple, Brandywine and Lucky Cross taste compared to each other, and other samples people may bring.

For the Dwarfs - gathering impressions of those that we have in catalogs, those that soon will be, and those in progress - and the unusual color of Uluru Ochre!

carolyn137 July 21, 2011 03:55 PM

Craig, I was surprised to see Henderson Bicolor (purple) b'c Neil is a collector of the gold/red bicolors and that's what I thought it was. Since he was sending the Russian Queen seeds to you for raising my plants for me, he sent the Henderson one along as well.

Should I tell Neil about it b'c I don't know how often he reads here.

By purple do you mean that it's nothing like a typical gold/re bicolor?I think Shoe is also growing it and me as well, but I don't have a clue as to whether the plant even has small fruits.

Maybe best for me to talk about it in our group e-mail with you and Neil and Lee and myself all together re my varieties for this year.

I also saw that you guys liked Ambrosia, which was supposed to be an OP Sungold and when Lee sadi it was red I let Lee Goodwin, who bred it know about it and of course he was disappointed but said he knew what was wrong. I don't think any seeds for the red Ambrosia should be shared until I ask Lee G about it, b'c it's his call, really.

How interesting, really, on that Henderson,but now I want to know what Shoe and Neil might be getting.

OK, new shipment of books just came, the weather stinks, really, so fans on high and back to the LV I go and turn the fan up even higher.

nctomatoman July 21, 2011 04:11 PM

Hey Carolyn! Yes, imagine my surprise when Henderson Bicolor starts ripening...and it is an oblate/boat shaped, deep purple - quite different in internal structure and flavor from Cherokee Purple. And a much different plant/growth habit - for an indeterminate, quite squat/compact. What do you think - mix up? Mis name? cross? Will be interested to hear what others get!

As for Ambrosia, my plant is giving me orange Sungold-sized fruit....Lee got the red. I saved seeds - going to move it to a larger pot for better production and more seed.

nctomatoman July 21, 2011 10:47 PM

My Tomatopalooza blog that was just posted.


Lee July 22, 2011 12:10 PM

Here are my varieties I'll be bringing....

Ambrosia (Not)
Better Boy
Big Beef Black
Magic Blush
Don's Double Delight
First Mate
German Johnson
German Queen
Grandfather Ashlock
Kristina Bulgarian
Mountain Magic F1
Park's Whopper
Plum Regal F1
Spear's Tennessee Green
Sungold Select II
Vince P1

And dwarfs:

Brawny F1
Brawny F2 -A
Brawny F2 -B
Brawny F2 -C
Dwarf Mahagony F3
Loxtan Lass F3
Rosella Crimson
Rosy F3-A
Rosy F3-B
Uluru Ochre F3
Witty F6

Oh, and I suspect I'll win largest and most unusual this year! ;)


Lee July 22, 2011 08:32 PM

By the way... Kristina Bulgarian is coming in at 31 oz.!!!

Not close to the Tomatopalooza[tm] record of > 64oz. but should be
enough to win tomorrow.....


nctomatoman July 22, 2011 08:48 PM

Lee, I just trayed up my tomatoes - I have some Cossack Pineapple ground cherries I will bring. I also noted that other things are ripening unexpectedly in this heat (not that there is much more to ripen that I've not yet seen) be sure to have some blank cards - when I do my morning watering/walk through, I will likely find other items to bring.

Patrina_Pepperina July 22, 2011 11:07 PM

Have fun guys and gals!!! 8-) Looking forward to reports of course!


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