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akgardengirl June 14, 2017 04:28 PM

Dan Follett's 13-F3-6 and 53-F3-2
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Progress so far has variety even tho I kept only 2 plants from each line. The 13-F3-6 are both taller, not micro, but the one on the R is multi-flora. Same with the plant is both micro and multi-flora and the other is a bit taller but also multi-flora. I planted a known micro-multi-flora, Aztek, and the plant of the L is the same size but more generous with buds and blossoms.

akgardengirl June 14, 2017 04:29 PM

1st row is 13-F3-6 and 2nd is the 53-F3-2

Sherry_AK June 29, 2017 12:48 AM

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Sue (AKgardengirl) shared seeds with me for this project. Below are some I'm growing from 53x-F3-2.

ES2 is 10" tall
ES4 is 10" tall
ES5 is 11" tall
ES8 is 11" tall
ES7 is 15" tall

Compared to other micros I'm growing (Venus, Rejina, Aztek), these are a bit slow to form fruit, but are healthy and very blossom-y.

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