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bryanccfshr March 31, 2008 02:30 PM

fertigation injector
I ordered myself one of these bad boys for my drip irrigation system. I fertilized with dry organic fertilizer when the plants were young but I doubt follow up fertilization will be effective since I use drip irrigation. So why not fertilize with the drippers? I plan on using mstly kelp and mollasses and the injector alows me to use vineger to clean the entire drip sytem.

Anyone else practice fertigation ?

dcarch March 31, 2008 03:08 PM


Originally Posted by bryanccfshr (Post 95132)
I ordered myself one of these bad boys
Anyone else practice fertigation ?

Yeah? but is that thing organically made?:P :lol:


bryanccfshr March 31, 2008 04:27 PM

I work For big oil so plastic does not offend me. :twisted:

Meanwhile while I am up here at work the plants are thriving without all my meddling with sprays and injections etc... The best investment I have made thus far has been the automatic timer for the irrigation, that may soon be challenged by the texas tomato cages.. we shall see.

Raymondo March 31, 2008 04:47 PM

I'm putting in an irrigation system some time this year, probably over our winter. Adding a fertiliser injector sounds like a very good idea. I use brewed compost tea so I guess I'd have to make sure it was well filtered before releasing it through the pipe network.
Is the vinegar injection to clean out calcium deposits?

bryanccfshr March 31, 2008 04:56 PM

Yes the vineger is good at cleaning the calcium deposits that precipitate outthrough evaporation of the emitters. Every other month I flush my entire system by opening the ends of the main 1/2" drip lines and push the water through them to get any sediment out.
Vineger is mainly for emitter maintenance and a mild acidifier. (which if your drip pater is causing calcium deposits is a good idea anyway).
Studies have also shown adding mollasses through the irrigation can reduce harmful nematodes by increasing biological activity in the root zones. That and it's a great source of potasium and iron.

You will not regret putting in a system. Plus it gives you something to tinker with during the winter.

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