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GoDawgs February 8, 2020 11:46 AM

Last Fall Cabbage
The last fall cabbage was cut today. This one weighed 3 1/4 lbs, nice and firm. I love these Red Acres and they will join the A Team!


imp February 8, 2020 03:04 PM

Wow, isn't that a pretty one!!!

GoDawgs February 9, 2020 01:29 PM

Thanks, imp. 3/4 of it was transformed for lunch today into German style red cabbage simmered with apples, onions, vinegar and a tad of sugar. Oh, good stuff!

b54red February 13, 2020 01:58 AM

Dawg I used to grow that cabbage every spring but it didn't do really well most of the time so I dropped it. I used to love having some in my slaw mix because it is usually a bit crunchier than most green cabbages. I don't think I ever got one to grow that large. Mine were usually about 4 inches across with a few getting to maybe 5 inches.

Right now I am being overwhelmed with my third planting of broccoli which has made far larger heads then the first two plantings. The heads aren't monsters but they are very large around 7 inches across with a few larger and a few smaller this is looking like it will be my best broccoli of the year. I still have two more plantings that are still fairly small but one of them is already putting on very tiny heads. Unless we have a hard freeze that kills the later plantings this may be the year I get more broccoli than ever. I have already had to give a dozen large broccoli heads away and I have more than a dozen in the refrigerator and still have a few more to cut from that planting. When we had our three boys at home we would have had no trouble getting rid of all of them in house.

I have only been able to pick a few of the cabbages I planted in the fall they are growing slower than usual and my cauliflower planted way back in November are just starting to form some heads even though the plants are smaller than they should be. I have a lot of cabbages of different types starting to head or nearly finished heading and hope they aren't all ready at the same time.


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