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Tropicalgrower October 15, 2017 12:56 PM

Killarney Red?
Anybody have experience with the Hardneck Garlic variety Killarney Red? I read that it is very good,and more tolerant of wet conditions than many.That is a plus for someone living in Coastal Oregon.

I did find a source,but the minimum order is a pound,and the shipping is more expensive than the garlic...and that would tax my budget a bit more than I feel comfortable with.I also found seed on ebay (and a source from China),but as I understand it,it takes longer from seed.

If anyone has a source for smaller amounts,I'd love to hear about it.



greenthumbomaha October 15, 2017 08:10 PM

Hi Trop -

I just bought some seed garlic from a popular seller, but not this variety. I read quite a few reviews from different seed sellers and blogs about different garlic varieties. Some were just reworded reviews from another post, and some described the experience of ONE growerwith no controls in one season with many variables.

I don't think it is worth the additional expense to get a particular variety no matter how attractive the seller describes it. Put the money towards getting more varieties of what you can at a decent price (maybe you'll be the writer extolling the virtues of what you grew) and try the variety that caught your attention next year when you can get it at a reasonable price.

My 2cents - Lisa

Edit: I wanted to add that purchasing garlic from a local source is said to have an advantage in that it has acclimated to the local soil and environmental conditions.

Tropicalgrower October 16, 2017 10:28 AM

I agree with what you are saying.I am not a tightwad,but SS only goes so far.:( I will continue to scour the interwebs and keep an eye out for this one, and sooner or later I will find some.

I would also agree with the statement regarding acclimation,but if I could have found any at the small farmers market we have here,I would already have it in the ground.;)

carolyn137 October 16, 2017 12:44 PM

sources above,many sources to check out.


Tropicalgrower October 19, 2017 12:39 PM

Thanks for the link carolyn.I used that option several days ago,but in the meantime,I may have found something as interesting as the Killarney thanks to a generous Tomatovillian. I must admit that I am excited at the prospect!


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