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flutterby September 15, 2010 01:54 PM

Oh, yeah...and the gardening websites...
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=2][COLOR=seagreen]Oh, yeah...and *all* the gardening websites that you can find. Maybe even make a list of them that you know of and possibly some of the members here can find some more for you. (Not that you do not already have a lot of work ahead of you...LOL!) Maybe we can help somewhat. Giving them all the links to your website. [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=2][COLOR=seagreen][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=2][COLOR=seagreen]Luther Burbank did not keep the records of all that he did or maybe he did not want to share it all, but this info can save many, many lives. The seeds are not worth anything if not planted, right? (I have to tell myself that very same thing, as I have [U]quite a few[/U] unplanted seeds of my own....) ;) [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

imp December 15, 2010 07:39 PM

Tom, we don't know each other at all, but I would like to make the offer to help on a website if you need it and if it is within (or close to within) my abilities. I am not up on some of the latest languages, but am self taught in HTML, having created a few web pages back when i sold books and depression glass.

If you could use something simple like this:


it is woefully out of date, but the boxes for descriptions can be any sized and order, pictures, and such.....

BTW, anyone who would want to copy the Santa's or other holiday images, feel free to do so- they make good gift tags printed out.

Or as a proof reader, or what ever.

flutterby January 8, 2011 09:38 PM

Where is Tom now?

Tom Wagner January 9, 2011 01:05 AM

I am around, helping my webmaster with some details to put in a on-line catalog of potato and tomato varieties and having him help me put together a newsletter and list serve mechanism for sending out those when requested. I have been sending my selected photos to him as well via a flash drive. The phplist is the world's most popular [B]open source email campaign manager[/B].

I am busy trying to come up with names for potato clones but even more for tomatoes that never had a name..just numbers and pedigree info. I have been naming about a hundred or so a day, trying to include descriptions for each and I am amazed how much time that takes.

I get distracted easily, phone calls, national and international visitors either calling, stopping by or leaving emails that need my attention. Had visitors from Belgium today and named a potato for the grand father. I gave him a coin sized tuber that he might try to take back with him.

Since this is the potato forum, soon you will get to see more of what I have been up to....Uh, oh, my webmaster chimed in on Skype...gotta go, messages says he fixed a broken link.


cortona January 9, 2011 05:41 PM

beautiful news Tom!
we waith for your work happily!

Tom Wagner January 9, 2011 06:39 PM

[QUOTE]"'October Blue' is by far our best-yielding potato variety."[/QUOTE]

That was a quote from Carol Deppe's book called, 'The Resilient Gardener' is but one reason why varieties created from True Potato Seeds have, and will continue to be, been among best-yielding potato varieties.

Sorting TPS to list

Tom Wagner

wmontanez January 9, 2011 07:51 PM

That is good news! Soon we will have many TPS lines to choose from... now the question is: what to grow next? potatoes for tropical weather resistance, drought tolerance, good flavor, high protein, nutritional value, color... too many to choose. Ol' white russet baking spud in not making the list this year. I might be dropping all blue and yukon gold too... i am seeing those more often in the groceries stores.

Waiting for the site.

GunnarSK February 12, 2011 07:27 AM

[quote=yummy beans;194903]Hi tom I just joined . Darwin said you have potato seeds. Thought I wrote other email to you but then darwin wrote back.[/quote]I bought TPS from Tom's new site which is described (and linked?) here and in General Discussion and Seed Sources, and expect to receive them next week, and sow (along with Wendy's TPS) in March.

Indyartist April 25, 2011 05:19 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Here are a couple pictures of two varieties of TPS I'm growing of Tom's. The first picture is of "Skagit Magic" and the second picture is of "La Pan". I've started these in a tray with ten seeds per cell I then transplanted them to a 72 cell tray, one start per cell.

Indyartist May 7, 2011 12:39 AM

Tetra Cotyledons from Suyta Vilquina TPS.
1 Attachment(s)
Here is a link to a web-album showing pictures of my seedlings of Tom Wagner's "Suytu Vilquina" TPS. I'm not sure if these seedlings qualify technically as tetra cotyledons but I would be interested in other's opinions.
Here is the link to the web album of photos:

Tom Wagner May 7, 2011 03:47 AM

Great shots for so up close!

I explained my take on the mutiple cotyledons on my forum. Make sure the spelling is Suytu rather than Suyta....Suytu means long in the post Inca language.

Indyartist May 14, 2011 12:11 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Here is a photo of a TPS seedling of a variety that I purchased from Tom's web-site named "Suytu Vilquina". I will repot them tomorrow into a 72 cell tray and let them get bigger until a final planting in the garden or a container.

wingnut July 8, 2011 11:26 AM

Tom will be down today to show me 'proper' crossing techniques. So should have some neat crosses. I already have 29 berries in my own patch, growing rapidly!

Mark0820 September 25, 2011 12:04 PM

I have never planted potatoes before, but am interested in growing them if I can find additional space. I have been reading several threads about TPS, but I am still a little confused.

Post #10 of this thread does a very good job of describing the benefits of TPS vs. seed potatoes. My initial thought was that I would be able to start potato plants from seed, save seed from the plants I grow so I have seed for the following season (like tomatoes).

However, post #17 of this thread talks about using TPS to start plants to generate seed potatoes that can be planted.

Can someone clear up my confusion? When using TPS can a person continually save seed and replant the seed in future years (and get a crop of a stabilized potato) or is the seed for the purpose of starting a seed potato that then can be saved from year to year?

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