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Tom Wagner December 7, 2012 11:48 PM

True Potato Seed ...TPS... can vary greatly in size and plumpness. TPS saved over a forty year span with the LENAPE variety has always been among the largest TPS among the tuberosum clones. Here is a picture of seed extracted today.


Larger seed means more food for the seedlings and as a result...larger cotyledons and seedling size at early stages. Lenape makes for a great seed parent when crosses are made...the hybrid vigor plus the extra seed size creates a remarkable improvement over smaller TPS clones.

macmex March 10, 2013 06:56 AM

Hey folks,

just thought I'd drop in with a report. I am taking a couple days off this week to get the garden rolling, here in NE Oklahoma. I'm particularly excited about potatoes! Last year,in the spring, I grew from seed of Chaposa, Huagalina. I started a couple others, but lost them, due in part to my inexperience, and in part to a fungus gnat infestation in my planter. Later, in the middle of August, I started seed from Azul Rose and Kern Brot. These I grew in containers, on my sun porch, until it got too cold. I then let them dry out and die down.

Anyway, I got into those containers last week and was DELIGHTED to find dozens of mini tubers! This spring I plan on growing all of our potatoes from these four seed grown strains as well as from some varieties which were sent to me last year: Bora Valley, Azul Toro (one plant, which I hope I haven't lost) and Chalice.

This, to me, is one of the most exciting developments; the possibility of growing our own potatoes from seed. If I can get seed production in our extreme climate, I will be a very happy man.

Huagalina started sprouting late last summer, in the garden. I transplanted some. But they didn't have time to produce. I'm hoping to find more starts, by digging, this week. Chaposa died down and I simply left it where it was.

Last August I also started seed to Muruta. I carried all my TPS seedlings to work and back, every day, so I could give them full sun and yet keep them from drying out. Folks thought it was funny that I had plants growing on the roof of my car. But that's where I kept them. One day, I received an important call when it was time to clock out. I was so involved in it that I jumped in the car and drove 1/2 mile to the time clock. I forgot to take Muruta down and they fell off the roof and into the road. When I went back and found them. Muruta was no more. This January I started more Muruta. But for some reason only one plant has survived. I have started yet another planting. I have high hopes for this variety.

Back in January one mini tuber from Azul Rose sprouted and grew leaves. This was on a very cool sun porch and with no watering. I assume this means that it will have a very short dormancy. All but one of the Azul Rose seedlings were beginning to sprout in their containers, when I checked last week. Non of the seedlings derived from Kern Brot have started to sprout. I placed them in slightly open baggies, with damp potting soil, under my planter lights, hoping to get them to break dormancy.

Tahlequah, OK

Fusion_power March 11, 2013 11:01 AM

Thought I would post these pics here as well as at Tom's site.

[SIZE=2]Here is a photo of the varieties Tom sent me this year. The link is to a large version of the photo in case someone wants to see the details. I put in a French Fingerling and La Ratte for comparison. I forgot to label the Skagit Valley Gold right side and second from the top. The one labeled [SIZE=2]?[SIZE=2]Magic [SIZE=2]Dragon? is actually Golfing Magic. [/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]The biggest spuds in the group are Chellan!


And here is a pic of the TPS seedlings I am about to plant. There are 6 trays with 48 plants per but roughly 10% are still too small to go into the garden. The Azul Toro seedlings are in the right center of the pic, there are 19 seedlings of which 5 have heavy anthocyanin. I also have 5 more trays of seedlings still in the greenhouse that also need another week or two to grow. Also a link to the large version of this photo.


Here is the list as planted in the garden. This list goes from West to East

15 - Commercial Red
15 - La Ratte
8 - Muru
2 - Handel
5 - Boyde
2 - Golfing Magic
3 - Howie Mandel
4 - Magic Colors
2 - Deep Blush
9 - Skagit Valley Gold
8 - River Bend REd
5 - Rosaro
3 - Yungay
4 - Bolivian Tree Top
4 - Black Tom
3 - Harry Kaighin
3 - C97.007
6 - Black Irish

DarJones [/SIZE]

snugglekitten August 23, 2014 01:31 PM

Tom, any recommendations for short growing seasons, yet great taste?

I grew potatoes until my wife told me to stop, but if I get something really tasty I may be able to change her mind....maybe.;)

Tom Wagner February 8, 2015 04:45 AM

If my webmaster reloads the webshop you should be able to see about 115 kinds of potatoes available as TPS (true potato seed) I know about 70 were up last week.

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