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angelique June 13, 2007 10:03 PM

How are your tomatoes doing?
Hi All,

How are your tomatoes doing? Mine are fine for now. I sold my house and will only be taking 2 Earth Boxes with 2 plants each to my new home. LOL. :roll: The new owners plan to cement MY garden area. Too sad, since most of the plants already have fruits on them. The new owners also told me that I can take my raised bed forms. DH built two last year for my garlic and winter veggies.

I move into my new home 7/1/07. I will basically be starting from scratch with 1/2 as much garden space.

feraltomatoes June 18, 2007 01:31 AM

We have had great weather this year, I have alot of fruit set and picked a couple cherries and early girls.

Where is everybody?

angelique June 18, 2007 01:39 AM

I am located in Roseville. Soon, I'll be moving to Rocklin. We have had a couple of 100+F days. Can you believe that it is now 10:36pm and it's 91F.

annietomatomad June 18, 2007 06:50 PM

My tomatoes are doing good save a few that got really toasted and died on me. No ripe fruit yet but I have fruit on almost all the plants.

Brad, Beauty King is doing wonderfully so far--very healthy plant but my BTD is looking a little sad in my front yard. Sigh....

Cheers, Annie

rnewste June 18, 2007 11:55 PM

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Doing fine here in Campbell. Picked my first red Donas yesterday. Nothing like the taste of a garden tomato. :D


angelique June 19, 2007 01:01 AM

Wow Ray. Those do look healthy. I have eaten a few coyote. I really like them. The rest of the plants won't have ripe tomatoes in time for me to enjoy. A couple of years ago, Dona was one of my faves. I really enjoy it.

Annie. Did you grow any cukes? I only planted Armenian. Again, I won't have a chance to enjoy them.

annietomatomad June 23, 2007 01:34 AM

I echo Angelique---Wow, Ray! My tomatoes are nowhere near as tall as yours though I'm proud of them nevertheless. I wanna come visit you now.

Angelique--I planted the miniature whites and armenian but the miniature white died on me (I have another standby still in a pot so I'm hoping to replant even though it's a little late). The Armenian didn't sprout so I did a second seeding and it's just now showing two true leaves. Don't know if it's too late....sigh!

I'm also growing summer squash this year and beets and chard. It's so fun. I'm bummed that you won't get to enjoy the fruit of your labor. If you get down this way, I'll be happy to share.

Cheers, Annie

ShirleyC July 1, 2007 03:26 PM

I picked two New Yorkers yesterday. They are a very nice mild pasty tomato. We have about 6 San Francisco Foggers almost ready for the picking. This is our first year planting tomatoes so this is really an adventure for us. My husband has planted 63 Heirloom plants, no two alike. If you'd like to see my garden plan, visit and click on the shared gardens. Mine will be under Shirley Cerdena or some variation there of, zip 94002.


Dianne Gregory October 5, 2007 07:10 PM

What a Great Tomato Season!
We have been growing tomatoes (from seed) since we moved to Sacramento ten years ago, and we have never had such as good year as this year! We planted three san marzanos, and our freezer is full, we have gotten out the dehydrator, and still they keep on coming! Been eating Sun Golds since Memorial Day (such fine weather this Spring we planted in April), and they show no sign of letting up. Even the finicky Julia Childs are having a second go at it! Just had to brag. Last year we had a mixup with the seeds and got some very strange results and ended up buying canned tomatoes in the Winter -- not this year! The horn worms are plentiful as well.

We are also growing eggplant, peppers, lemon cucumbers, and tomatillos in pots -- all did well, particularly the eggplant. I think it's because the weather was fairly consistent all summer -- not too hot -- and I think the compost tea we used was good too.

I think it was a great tomato year in N.Cal, what does everyone else think?

Dianne in East Sac

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