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GoDawgs May 30, 2019 05:15 PM

Harvested Garlic Cleaned and Hung
The garlic dug two weeks ago has cured. It sure didn't take long this year in the heat! I cleaned the bulbs and they're now hung in a cool spare closet in bundles of ten. The three bundles on the right had begun to open up so I'll use those first; probably slice, dehydrate and freeze for future garlic powder.

They range in size from 1.25" to 1.75", a lot smaller than last year but considering the problems they had during the growing season, I'm happy I have garlic. :yes:


gssgarden May 30, 2019 05:28 PM

Wow! They look great. I’m a few weeks out from picking still. Scapes are popping out.

Love home grown garlic!

What varieties are they?


LK2016 May 30, 2019 05:40 PM

Very nice-looking harvest!

bower May 30, 2019 05:53 PM

Nice to see you are making the most of it! Those bunches look pristine. :yes: We all have a bad year from time to time, and smaller than we hoped, but we are thankful for what we get, and they are still home grown and full of their goodness! :)

GoDawgs May 30, 2019 05:58 PM

They are both turban types, which I selected because they finish early in May in this area. About 25 are 'Shilla', of Korean origin. The rest are 'Maiskij', which translates to May Harvest and are originally from Turkmenistan. LIke Shilla, it's an early finisher.

This is one from last year. Shame on me for not labeling the pic after I took it so I don't know which one it was. :no:


JRinPA May 30, 2019 06:17 PM

That closet will smell good for a while. No scapes here, not yet.

What kind of bag is that in the pic above? Shaped like a bulb, but actually holds 6 bulbs inside it? LOL

PureHarvest May 30, 2019 08:36 PM

Look good to me!
Nice job.
JR, how do you not have scapes yet in SE PA?
I pulled mine 2 weeks ago, chesnock last week.
I’m just down the road from you in southern Delaware.

GoDawgs May 31, 2019 06:37 AM

[QUOTE=JRinPA;736918]That closet will smell good for a while. No scapes here, not yet.

What kind of bag is that in the pic above? Shaped like a bulb, but actually holds 6 bulbs inside it? LOL[/QUOTE]

That's not a bag, silly! It's a bulb from last year sitting in my hand. A nice, fat 2.5" bulb. :lol:

JRinPA May 31, 2019 09:39 AM

I checked yesterday after I wrote that, I have them just forming, under 2". At least the very near corner of the box. Seems late to me as well but I don't think they were any a couple days back. I had to really look hard to see it wasn't a new leaf still curled.

It hasn't been that hot here, and lots of rain, my best guess. We started the AC for the first time two days back.

PureHarvest May 31, 2019 10:46 AM


JRinPA June 1, 2019 02:26 PM

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A few days back we had 5-6" of rain across two days. That is coarsely measured according to the 5gal buckets that were left out. The sky just opened up multiple times. Before that I had not noticed any scapes. The day I posted "no scapes" this one actually showed a small green tip about thumbsize. I checked last night (5/31) and took pic as it was getting dark and now it is full blown yellow scapes already.

Do you pull them at that size? Or wait for the curl? I DO want to leave some on this year, but I can't remember the reason...LOL.\

on this forum the post dates are not shown, except older dates. Instead it says, 1 day ago, 2 days ago, 1 week ago, etc.
Anyone know how to make it display a proper time stamp? I'm not sure what day I first saw the scape, 5/29 or 5/30? It says 1 day ago, 6:17PM. But I have posted since then and it says 1 day ago, 9:39AM. :lol: If no one knows I'll have to wait a few months to find out, because after a certain amount of time is displays proper time stamps.

JRinPA June 1, 2019 02:31 PM

[QUOTE=GoDawgs;736959]That's not a bag, silly! It's a bulb from last year sitting in my hand. A nice, fat 2.5" bulb. :lol:[/QUOTE]
Liar!, where did you buy them! :lol: I need to buy some too!

GoDawgs June 1, 2019 04:47 PM

Am not! Am not! Here they are hanging to cure before cleaning. So THERE! :))

My first time growing garlic was fall '16. I got my sets from The Garlic Store.

Besides individual varieties, they had collections which consisted of your choice of any four bulbs from pretty good list. I chose one each of four varieties from the Southern Collection. Spanish Benitee and Blanco Piacenza didn't do worth toot but the two turbans, Shilla and Maiskij were wonderful. The ones hanging in the shed were from that planting. I replanted the largest cloves from each of those in Fall '17 and the pic of the one in my hand is from that batch.

This year's small crop was from the largest cloves that were planted Fall '18. Since I take a lot of notes about how I plant new stuff, I've been following the same planting/growing method. Go figure.

xellos99 June 1, 2019 05:13 PM

If you guys can get hold of Solent Wight, I have seen with my own eyes it grow nice 3" bulbs in 4 1/2 months from April 1st to August 17.
It stored for over 12 months.
Not sure how it would do in a hot climate though.

JRinPA June 1, 2019 06:23 PM

So the big one in the pic from last year was either a shilla or a masikij? And the cloves probably got replanted but you're not sure which.

Big mistake! You should have made a mold of it and sold photorealistic bags on ebay!

"Make your shrimpy garlic look spectacular!"
"Holds six mediocre bulbs!"
"Impress dinnerguests for just $19.95 plus $8.95 shipping and handling.

"Actual garlic included for FREE! Just pay add'l Processing and Handling fee of $1.95 per bulb"
"As seen on TV!"

tville, that is.

I'm just throwing that out there, not like I have thought much about it or

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