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greenthumbomaha March 14, 2016 09:24 PM

Whitney Farms Garden Soil at Costco
Costco is carrying Whitney Farms 3cu Ft garden soil with kelp and alfalfa and some not good stuff mixed in for 9 dollars. They also carry their granular fertilizer for 20 dollars for a bag that will last forever.

This is a change from their usual mega bag Miracle Grow. I'm going to give it a try in a sandy raised bed that I usually amend with bagged manure. My high end garden center used to carry this brand. This is a much more viable option cost wise. Just curious what they mean by waste products.

- Lisa

peebee March 18, 2016 02:17 AM

Is it their organic soil blend? [url][/url]. If you click on Ingredients, they only list food and yard waste, composted. For a so-called organic soil, the price isn't bad. Does Costco carry their potting mix too?

greenthumbomaha March 18, 2016 11:00 AM

I only saw the garden soil that you linked to. The other Whitney Farms product they carried is fertilizer - I can't remember if it was the all purpose or tomato blend.

Yard waste compost is the questionable component. Everything else looks great compared to big box soil.

They still still the Miracle Grow with water crystal potting mix. Costco is known for carrying organic options so I hope they offer something else for containers in the future.

4season March 19, 2016 01:55 PM

I just stopped in at Costco and some of the bags of WF garden soil were still a bit warm to the touch.

greenthumbomaha March 24, 2016 11:07 PM

Now that you mention it they were comfortably warm to the touch.

Would laying it out now give it enough time to fully decompose, and would the nutrients wash out before planting even begins? My gut says yes to both, but it looks like a good amendment for the dollar even if you have to buy fertilizer.

[QUOTE=4season;543467]I just stopped in at Costco and some of the bags of WF garden soil were still a bit warm to the touch.[/QUOTE]

guruofgardens March 26, 2016 06:45 PM

We just bought 2 bags of the WF garden soil at Costco. They were selling both the WF and MG soil, no fertilizers. Smelling both the bags, the MG had no odor except for the peat. The WF smelled like stuff you'd ADD to the soil rather than using it in a pot alone. One of the ingredients of the WF was chicken poo, so I guess that's what I smelled. None of the bags were warm.

On the WF website, it said the soil had an OMRI seal, so we bought it planning on mixing it with the soil instead of using the llama poo we usually use for the veggies.

After the snow melts, we plan on spreading the bags on the garden and will till it in when it dries out. [COLOR=royalblue]Would laying it out now give it enough time to fully decompose, and would the nutrients wash out before planting even begins?[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]I vote yes also to helping with decomposition. Will the nutrients wash out? Probably not.[/COLOR]

MissS March 26, 2016 08:57 PM

The Costco here has it and the bags of Whitney Farms were not warm when I put my hand between the bags but, Miracle Grow bags were not just warm they were pretty darn hot. I will buy some of the Whitney Farms to try out this year. It looks like a pretty good product.

guruofgardens May 10, 2016 05:30 PM

Update - we just visited Costco and found their Whitney farms garden soil on sale - $2 off - making the additive $7.99@. The package says "add to garden soil".
The ones we chose today WERE warm, not hot, so I'm planning on using 2 and storing 4 in the shed for next year.
We're going to use the WF on top of the soil (and under the mulched leaves) this Spring rather than have it touch the roots since the bags are still warm.
The product is a dark brown and looks like a good additive.

swamper July 9, 2016 10:42 PM

How is this "Planting Soil" from Costco working for others. I used a bunch in my new greenhouse and planted into the ground and the results aren't impressive. My outdoor beds with peppers got a slow start but are starting to grow better now.

guruofgardens April 2, 2017 07:19 PM

Costco today - saw the Whitney Farms $4 off, which makes the bag $4.99. The sale ends 04-09-17. We used the 4 bags, 2 on the flowers, 2 tilled in last year. I'm hoping to purchase 4 more, 1 in compost pile, 3 tilled in. I still have almost 2 months before I plant out.

ReginaAnn April 2, 2017 08:09 PM

Thank you guru,

Will be there tomorrow at 10!

guruofgardens April 2, 2017 09:54 PM

[QUOTE=ReginaAnn;629238]Thank you guru,

Will be there tomorrow at 10![/QUOTE]

Great! They also had some MG organic soil for $6 or $7.

guruofgardens April 3, 2017 04:31 PM

Frustrating morning at Costco - The Whitney farms soil had a [U]new sign[/U] just installed when they opened. You have to purchase 2 bags for $8.99 @, then they take off $4, making the soil only $2 off each instead of the $4.

There were a whole slew of people standing around the soil, complaining that yesterday's sign said $4 off @. We got nowhere. Supposedly Whitney Farms sent the wrong sign. Most of the people just walked away.

Not a very good advertisement for Costco.

throwaway April 6, 2017 07:30 AM

Granted it is pre-coffee, but I'm having trouble making heads and tails here. Is what Costco selling a suitable replacement for potting mix? If so, is it priced better than miracle gro? I saw the bags on my last walk through, did notice a pretty strong odor, and didn't have time to do the math on the spot.

guruofgardens April 6, 2017 10:30 AM

No. The info on the bag says it is used with garden soil as an [B]amendment[/B]. I would not even mix it with my potting soil for pots. It says to put 3" Whitney Farms on the soil, and then I would till it in.

I think we'll use 2 as soon as it gets drier, and save 2 for Fall.

Update - Whitney Farms wrote back that the 'sale' was on the Costco side. They had nothing to do with the pricing. Not happy with Costco right now.

greenthumbomaha February 18, 2018 07:13 PM

UPDATE for 2018

Soils were just stocked at Costco this weekend.

For inground, Whitney Farms is back.

Miracle Gro Organic in the white bag is back too. I have two huge bales of Pro Mix in the garage, but caved for the convenience of a 55 quart bag for $9.99, MISTAKE !!!

Yes, it is heavy and dense and not a speck of perlite, but I knew that was the case.
I brought one bag straight in to my potting area aka dining room table.No problems really, other than the density of the product itself..
Went out to the bag in the garage to fill my earthbox jr for indoor spinach. FOUL SMELL. SO lucky this wasn't the bag I brought inside. Now I have concerns eating the stuff that I already planted in this. Should have known better than expect a consistent quality product from MG. What a mess to store and return an opened bag.

I was thinking of adding new pots outside if I could full up 5 gal buckets this season for cheap. Approach with caution if you pot up indoors. Go the extra mile for something better and a few more $$$.

- Lisa

guruofgardens February 18, 2018 09:09 PM

Thanks for the heads up, Lisa. I still have the 2 bags of WF in the shed scheduled to use this spring. I also have 'made' a good amount of leaf mold from last year's leaf pile. The leaf mold doesn't have any nutrients per se, but it does help with drainage. We have such clay-y soil that it always needs help! I won't use any of the above in pots. Or rather that is the plan.

greenthumbomaha February 10, 2019 12:55 PM

Its getting close for 2019 inventory. If anyone to the south already has garden products in stock, please let us kno9w what they are selling this year.

Last year was the first year that my local store carried the bare root trees. Goodness I hope they come in later in the season. We are expecting potentially several inches of snow from three different storms this week. One is in progress now.

- Lisa

greenthumbomaha February 13, 2019 09:05 PM

Same soils as last year - the full garden section isn't in yet.

- Lisa

Fred Hempel February 13, 2019 10:17 PM

Whitney Farms

Two thumbs down

shatbox February 14, 2019 03:28 AM

I thought I would save some folks a trip to Costco (2019) and post some pics of the bags, price and ingredients. Location is SoCal.

Potting Mix:




Planting Soil:




greenthumbomaha February 15, 2019 12:43 AM

Thanks for posting , wish Costco had online inventory.

Is Kelloggs much different than MG? Sticks & stones? HD started carrying the yellow bag Kelloggs last year and I wanted to try it but the bag was sopping wet. HD has an old fashioned bare yard for outdoor soil products like a Kmart. That plus the bee killing plants, ugh.

- Lisa

shatbox February 15, 2019 04:34 AM

Kellogg is usually heavy on the "forest products" and it is listed as the first ingredient in all their bags at HD. This potting mix is unique in that peat is the first ingredient.

I think MG potting mix has peat as its first ingredient.

Also, for those who don't know Whitney Farms is a Hawthorn brand, which is owned by MG

Addendum: I have used almost every one of the different kellogg bags and have had a difficult time maintaining moisture.

greenthumbomaha February 15, 2019 11:47 PM

Sams Club has their own brand of potting mix now. I wish they had posted a picture of the contents on their website. Any opinions on this product?

I was wondering why you hadn't elaborated, Fred. I had no idea the parent company of MG expanded to other companies ...

- Lisa

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