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Fred Hempel March 10, 2013 07:38 PM

Wednesday August 21 Baia Nicchia Farm Open House
[URL=""]Baia Nicchia Farm[/URL] will hold an open house on Wednesday August 21, 2013

Tour the farm, including the breeding nursery of [URL=""]Artisan Seeds[/URL]. Sip Persian Mint Lemonade and ice teas from [URL=""]Grey Dog Tea[/URL] in the shade of the oaks. See the historic [URL=""]Sunol Water Temple[/URL]. Taste tomatoes, including new varieties from [B][I]Artisan Seeds[/I][/B] along with old favorites like Cherokee Purple, Amana Orange and Brandywine.

9AM - 3PM No reservations necessary. Site is open during these times.

7AM - 9AM entry: Limited to 20 persons, by reservation only.

3PM - 8PM: Limited to 30 persons, by reservation only.

To reserve spots before 9AM and after 3PM email us at [email][/email]

Reservations will require a pre-payment of $20/person, however, each person with a reservation will be able to take home $20 worth of tomatoes and/or other produce from the event. We are requiring reservations simply to make sure people show up, and don't take up spaces that others could have used if they flake.

Fred Hempel June 26, 2013 10:31 PM

This event is canceled.

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