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Worth1 April 23, 2019 08:29 AM

With luck the mechanism should arrive tomorrow.
Cant wait to tear it down clean and make any if need be finishing improvements.

Worth1 April 25, 2019 04:01 PM

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Made an aluminum T Nut with a 3/4 router bit the drill press and the XY Table.
I touched off on the side used the dials on the table moved in .335 and it came in dead on.
With the depth adjustment nuts I made some time ago I can get depth of cut pretty accurate.
I'm only taking off about .020 at a time down no side load to speak of.
Now all I need to do is dril and thread it.
My drill press vice sucks big time.:evil:




Worth1 April 26, 2019 03:03 PM

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Here is one of the finished T slot nuts compete with threads.

Worth1 April 27, 2019 06:55 PM

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Absolutely worthless contraption.:lol:
Made with rotary table set horizontally on XY table.
Imperfect hex to fit 5/8ths wrench on one side and 8 offset spokes on the other.
Simply an exercise in the use of the machine.





Worth1 May 1, 2019 04:04 PM

Been tossing around all kinds of ideas on how to affix my rotary table and tail stock to the X-Y table.
None of the factory bolt holes line up from the rotary table to the X-Y table.

Once I get everything made I will show a few pictures of what I came up with.
It is going to take some time and work to make everything and modify the tail stock.

Worth1 May 1, 2019 09:12 PM

The only 3/8 16 tap I can find gave up the ghost.
It didn't break but it refuses to start. :evil:
Will go to NAPA tomorrow and get a fresh new high quality Japanese tap.
Will NOT be going to Home Junkpot.

Worth1 May 2, 2019 04:22 PM

Store fresh out of 3/8 16 taps but had 3/8 24 so I just changed to 3/8 24.
No big deal and more clamping power.
I have a ton of holes to line up drill and tap or drill clearance holes.
Plus lathe work to do.
All this so I can set up to make stuff.

Worth1 May 2, 2019 05:40 PM

Got the tail stock supported.
The shiny steel plate you see I found at work on the ground.
It didn't look anything like this before I put it in the lathe and faced it off on both sides.
Did this some time ago and had no idea what I was going to do with them.
T Nuts made from 5/8ths grade 5 bolts faced off on the end to thickness,center drilled, cut to length drilled and tapped.
will show later.
This is how I managed to get the tail stock to fit the table.
Pictures next post.

Worth1 May 2, 2019 05:45 PM

3 Attachment(s)
Here they are took my sweet time doing it because I only had one shot at drilling holes correctly in the tail stock.
I drilled them with the tail stock upside down.
The homemade T Nuts fit perfectly in the T slots.

In the first pictuer you will see where I drilled and tapped the plate to attach on cap screw.
Then I went on and did them one at a time making sure everything was in alignment.
Once all were drilled and set I then drilled out the tapped portion to a bigger size to allow for wiggle room to make for perfect alignment with the other part of the contraption.



AlittleSalt May 2, 2019 10:21 PM

Just letting you know that I've been reading.

Worth1 May 3, 2019 11:59 AM

[QUOTE=AlittleSalt;734409]Just letting you know that I've been reading.[/QUOTE]

Thank you Salt.:)

Worth1 May 3, 2019 03:14 PM

I'm finished. :dance::D

I took the other plate I made, drilled two clearance holes for cap screws to connect to T nuts in the T slot.
Drilled and tapped 1/2 20 threads for the other bolts to connect to the plate.
Had to drill out smaller washers so they would have room to fit in the rotary table.
It was the easy way out, I could have made custom ones.
The apparatus sits on a cantilever of sorts and very ridged.
In last picture you will see one of my homemade T Nuts.

Worth1 May 3, 2019 03:23 PM

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Here they are, I think I used just about everything in the book to do it.
From my parallel set to the height guage.







Worth1 May 3, 2019 04:18 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Here is a mockup demonstration of how this all fits together using a lathe dog to rotate the part.
The lathe dog is the gray thing attached to the shiny rod.

Lathe dog.

Worth1 May 9, 2019 11:00 AM

Been looking out of curiosity about what indexing plate it would take to cut 91 and 127 tooth gears.
None of mine will do it.
Found an on line calculator to see if I could come up with the right plate with the right amount of holes to do it.
None will do it.
I came to the conclusion it would have to be compound indexing where you not only use the holes but turn the plate too.
No way can I do that.
Then I found old manuals from years ago where they di do such a thing.
Something they dont do anymore.
It is some really old school stuff involving a lot of math.

Here is a link to an old book on indexing with more information than you would ever want.:lol:
I ended up in a rabbit hole about helical indexing in another old book from the late 1800's.
You can start from the beginning if you want.
This is how they did it before computers and the reason it is here.

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