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hazeldazel April 27, 2018 07:41 PM

Aphids near tomatoes - ignore?
I have five 7-gallon grow bags with happy tomatoes and next to them is a small rose that is just covered with aphids. I've been checking the tomatoes every day and no aphids on them, just the rose. I don't care about the rose, it was planted by the previous owners and I cut it back to almost nothing last year and since it's grown some manageable branches and some blooms, I've let it be instead of completely ripping it out.

So I'm tempted to deal with the aphids by spraying or trimming the affected areas but I'm also wondering if the rose is somehow attracting the aphids which are keeping the aphids off my tomatoes and nearby berries. I would hate to have aphids decide my tomatoes are a better lunch.

jillian April 27, 2018 08:58 PM

I would play the "wait and see" game for now. I have never had aphids bother my tomatoes, they seem to prefer my peppers. If you notice any on your tomatoes, I would take some cuttings of the rose bush (if you care to, I love roses), and then remove it.
You can root the cuttings in a more desirable location.

Nan_PA_6b April 27, 2018 09:23 PM

I don't know if different kinds of aphids are specific to different host plants, but I suspect it's so. Those aphids may not eat tomatoes. Or the rose is acting as a magnet. You could use those aphids to attract & feed ladybugs.


zipcode April 29, 2018 07:25 AM

If the rose suddenly died then it could be a potential problem if nothing else is in the vicinity. I noticed they only attack tomatoes as a last resort, it's not high on their preference list. At least the few types of aphids we have here. Peppers and eggplants though...

clkeiper April 29, 2018 10:53 AM

I myself would spray the tomatoes with either insecticidal soap or a dishsoap spray... your preference.. don't wash the spray off, let it dry on the plant. I don't want any aphids on my tomatoes. the other aphids can and will be food for beneficial predators.

Gardeneer May 5, 2018 12:22 AM

I also do think that differnt aphids attack different plant. I have had aphids on eggplant and some other plants next to tonatoes but not on tomatoes.
I recommend spraying apgids with Neem Oil spray.

GrowingCoastal May 5, 2018 12:35 AM

Last year I had black aphids land on my tomato plants. They died there without my doing anything. Apparently hostile territory to them.

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