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GoDawgs July 4, 2020 10:09 AM

Spring Giving Way To Summer
It's been ho hum maintenance in the garden but in the heat that's probably not a bad thing. Morning and evening garden strolls, watering and weed pulling give me time to look at things more closely, think about stuff and make notes for next year. Afternoons are indoor play time.

I did get next year's spring garden rotation decided as far as what plant families will go in which beds. And that allowed me to plan what goes where in the fall garden.

The sweet potatoes are starting to bloom here and there. As they're in the morning glory family, the blooms are similar but smaller. Still pretty though.


The okra are just starting to bloom. These are the two surviving Cajun Jewel of the three planted. New to me this year, they are almost pretty enough to be used as edible landscaping plants. Really big leaves!


The three Choppee okra are a lot smaller because I had a heck of a time getting them going. Never had that problem before. After several replantings three of them decided to grow. I need to get the Mantis in there, get the weeds out and mulch well.


June was kind to us weather wise with temps mostly in the upper 80's and a bit over average rainfall for the second year in a row. But July doesn't care about that, whipping hot days out of it's pocket and throwing them right in your face. I took a screen shot of my weather data page for July daily high temps over the past ten years. It looks like this July will fit right in. I just hope it's not a repeat of 2016.


The corn silks are starting to brown, the first tomatoes are starting to ripen, the cuke plants are going away and the Blue Lake beans will get pulled up in two days during that last picking. Spring is finally giving way to summer.

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