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Default Your pictorial helped

Originally Posted by Lilith View Post
This is pitiful to the point it is funny. I have a Masters degree in Information Systems, have designed and implemented corporate database systems, traveled around the world teaching users how to use databases, but can not figure out how to attach a dog gone picture to my quick replies. So sad......

According to your step-by-step instructions, I noticed that my problem is early on. On step #2, on the Managing Uploads screen, all of my browse buttons are 'greyed' out which I believe indicates that the system is not finding any files to browse. I think your advice to someone else may apply here - something in my browser is not set up correctly.

I am using my new iPad's camera to photograph my garden and am not familiar with the file structures or where they are located. Eek! I'm a Windows person trying to use an Apple product, it's worse than I thought.
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