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Originally Posted by Worth1 View Post
Okay I came up with one you guys might like at least the filling tastes good.
This is all I had in the house so this is what I used.
One 28 oz can of diced chopped San Marzano tomatoes drained.
Reserve liquid for later.
The measurements are approximate, I just eyeballed it.
1 tablespoon of dried oregano.
1 Tablespoon of dried basil
1 Tablespoon of powdered garlic.
1/3 cup or more of Parmesan cheese.
Dried stuff in the can is what I had.
1/4 tea spoon of baking soda optional.'
2 table spoons of Gorgonzola cheese.

First if you desire put the baking soda in with the tomatoes this will kill some of the acid and bring out the sweetness.
Don't over do it on the baking soda you can go from good to the alkali flats real fast.
Stir it up and let it foam for awhile.
Then add the rest of the ingredeants and use enough Parmesan cheese to make the mixture stiff and stand up in its own.
Let this sit and mix occasionally while you make your crust.

The crust is your decision I made mine into a fried pie turnover like thingy.
I cant even begin to tell you how I made the crust, it included olive oil flour water salt and butter.
This is an experiment I have no idea how it will turn out we shall see.
Picture on next post.
One 28 oz can of diced chopped San Marzano tomatoes drained.

Here at Tomatoville, that's sacrilege.
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