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Other than removing some weeds and checking the plants, the cover stayed on the squash & zucchini plants until they began to bloom. They were in a small hoop house (maybe 5X10?) that we built using 10' sections of pvc pipe.

As soon as the plants popped through the ground, there were cucumber beetles walking around on the cover. Then, the squash bugs arrived and joined the cucumber beetles. Some managed to get in and lay eggs before I removed the cover for the honeybees. The SVB didn't bother them until I took the cover off.

Mason bees might work in an enclosed area and fertilize the plants without raising the cover. I think I could have managed the squash bugs, but the borer always gets to the squash just as they begin to bear. I will wrap the stems with aluminum foil and with stockings and hope for a good crop. What will the neighbors think?

Good luck!
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