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Originally Posted by Worth1 View Post
Salt if it was me that started the seed F wilt question I cant remember the answer one way or the other.
As for clothes I dont have many either and my socks are wore out.
I chose not having money and being happy over stress and jackasses.
It is still hard for me to get used to not seeing people chewed out, questioned and in trouble all of the time.
The pecan orchard saddens me.
So many people have no idea how hard it is to grow a good crop of pecans much less any other kind of fruit.
There was one planted in a yard down the street a few years ago.
A hack berry tree sprouted right next to it,
The hack berry choked out the pecan tree but it was still growing and they cut it down and now there is a trashy hack berry tree growing there.

My socks are worn out too. I have to buy the kind they call tube socks that go up to right below your knees. I need the support, but they cost almost $13 a pack.

The pecan orchard saddens me too. The owners could be making money from them, but chose to let the trees die.

I'm making myself take the day off - there has been a lot of bad news here lately. We lost our two adult cats 3 days ago to predators. Our first born son is losing his house and has to move by August. He let credit go to his head. They have come up with two ideas.

One idea would be him moving his wife and family into Jan's sewing building (It is large). It would mean storing all of the sewing stuff in a separate building - there's a whole lot of it including at least 5 sewing machines that I know of, tables, etc.

Or idea two is our youngest son moving in with them to help pay the bills. He doesn't want to do that - he knows exactly what will happen. He also loves living out here - he helps me keep this place going, and he uses this property for all the good things it brings.

As their parents, we are perplexed, but will do what we can to help.

Throw all of that on top of me working so much on our master bedroom, my health problems, and Jan's - I am both physically and mentally exhausted. If my posts seem different than usual - the above is why.

I'm going to look up some FFFN varieties of tomatoes today. I'm hoping to find some that are Indeterminate - most of what I've read about are Determinate varieties.
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