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Originally Posted by AlittleSalt View Post
Star, I ended up planting 5 tomato plants today like you wrote about with the Epsom salt and I had to use Plant Tone instead of Tomato Tone because we don't have the extra money with all that's going on. Two are Campari F2s, so who knows what will happen with those? However, I did plant one Big Beef F1, one Sweetie, and one Japanese Pink Cherry like I said I was going to. They're in the second bed

In the third bed, I planted the same varieties as I did in the second bed, but I used what is in the picture.

The forth bed, I planted the same stuff but used nothing but water and soil. I plan on fertilizing it with Alaska Fish Fertilizer 5-1-1 in a few weeks.
When that Dynamite food came out, I had several free samples of it. Me personally I didn't care for it. Didn't do a thing for me. I used to use Osmocote for in ground plants and then I switched to Vigrow (sp) from Home Depot. it about 8 bucks cheaper than Osmocote and seems to work better.

If you have a thrift store near by, get a cheap piece of sheer curtain material to provide a bit of shade for those plants at least til they get bigger. If you have any in the house, maybe your wife won't notice if one or two missing for a few months.

Gonna keep my fingers crossed for you. Hopefully something will grow or work out.
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