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Originally Posted by NarnianGarden View Post
I wonder if people were willing to pay that price, even though the seedlings were healthy and strong... If someplace sells plants for 3$, how can this vendor justify 9$?
Don't get me wrong, I think they deserve a decent price... and the pot is also included. It's just that question, are people ready?
Oh yes, you can bet tere was folks who gladly paid that price and didn't blink an eye. Not sure which part of New York that is, but NY has the reputation for being expensive. On the television lately they have been showing more and more urban garden programs and showing folks who live in places like NY how to grow on roofs and on cement and any little corner of ground they can.

Originally Posted by BigVanVader View Post
Holy crap...kinda false advertising since heirlooms aren't exactly easy to grow. Maybe I could use that pic to show people what a great deal they are getting.
I notice the ones in the pic are cherry types. Hopefully they can get a few tomatoes to grow. ( bucks is a tad high I think. If they grow and get tomatoes, then maybe next year they will buy more plants from local growers to try. If they fail, then maybe they will appreciate what the local farmers go through to bring them fresh, home-grown tomatoes to market and not quibble over prices.
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