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Originally Posted by carolyn137 View Post
There are very few edible items edible to most,that I dislike but near the top are capers.

For me, just plain nasty tasting. My mother used to buy the white McCormack cans called pickling spices, she used them when making pickles in huge crocks and our own saurkraut, also fermented in large crocks. I wouldn't eat them alone, but the home made pickles and saurkraut were great. Recipes handed down from the maternal side of the family, my Grandmother immigrating with her brothers and sisters to the US from Sweden, home of the cream everything,white color scheme on the plates, and chives used for almost everything as garnish...

Capers have a very distinct and strong flavor but in the right things and in limited amounts they can really enhance the overall taste of some dishes. When using them I still try one straight out of the bottle and they still make me wince every time. If I can live long enough I might get to the point where that doesn't happen.

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