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Default Ancient Grains and Seeds

A farm in NovaScotia is growing crops of grains and seed.
Bringing back old varieties. Passing through I picked up a
variety and planted in one of three 3x3' beds out front near the
road and in front of a long run of raspberries. By mid July it is
somewhat shady so not much will grow in those beds but very
early Spring peas. When I pulled the pea trellis I planted these

Never paid much attention once the raspberries were done.
A package yesterday was not for me but the neighbor, so I
delivered and checked the grain bed. Surprised it did so well and
lots of seed to harvest.

I'll know what it is next weekend, 3 days off, when we go up to
the farm where my seed suitcase is and the packet.
(can't find the NovaScotia farm's website)

Got a nasty paper cut from the thin bamboo like stalks trying to
quickly grab a few, then went back out with some pruners.
Size of a black sesame seed but shape is more like a buckwheat.
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