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Default Life changing crackers

The crackers.

'Life changing' is a bit of a stretch yet the simplicity is way
beyond what I've made in the past. Years ago I came up with
a few varieties of flatbread crackers using a dozen recipes to get
to near perfect. Sent them off as x-mas gifts. Uses a hand crank
pasta roller so time consuming.

First time I've had success with a recipe as written.
Tweaks and experimenting is encouraged as long as the important
ingredients are not replaced. Psylium, chia, flax, and the oats.

*I don't care much for hulled sunflower seeds so I use Pepitas'
(hull-less pumpkin seed). And hemp hearts, sesame seed.
*the whole flax seed I do a quick quick pulse in a spice grinder
to break the hull a bit.
*dairy free, gluten free...we don't fit or follow any category like
Vegan but focus on whole fresh food, no processed foods, no cans or jar heat processed. Fresh, raw, frozen, roasted. Meat, fish, eggs,
cheese, love it all. Just limit that to 20%. (no measuring, lol)
*once in the sheet pans, between parchment, I let rest for minimum
10 hrs, stacked and covered. Room temp.
*I bake at 325 instead of 350...all ovens are different

Lots of variations I've made.* Tamari, sesame oil, dulce flake
* garlic, mustard powder, paprika, hot pepper, turmeric, cheese
(cheese nip)
Another recipe I've not made but the tutorial pics are excellent and a
very similar baking method.
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