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Ken B
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Set for Sat, Aug 26th, 1-4 PM! PM me for address/directions.

We'll have maybe 30-50 tomatoes and some peppers and watermelons for tasting. Mild weather's slowing down the crops some, but we'll have a good amount of stuff for folks to try.

Interesting trial crops to look at = sesame, rice, amaranth, peanuts, roselle, winter squash, cowpeas, asparagus (yardlong) beans, tomatoes, variegated striped peppers, other peppers, melons, and flowers (cosmos, marigolds, zinnias, others).

There's a bunch of seed crops, probably the most interesting/unusual = Geranium Kiss tomato, Jasmyn Rissie spice pepper, Silverleaf sunflower, Carolina African Runner peanut, Job's Tears, and Erlene's Green cotton.

And: for any folks wanting to get some, it's a good chance to buy garlic, cover crops, etc. since you don't have to pay shipping!
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