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In 2013 I grew two of the named selections from the Cherokee Tiger line (six plants each) but neither was as described by the vendor. One produced fruit similar in color to what you show but were plum-shaped and the chartreuse, dwarf, determinate plants were not much over a foot tall at maturity. Extremely compact and productive with beautiful fruit. A ton of interesting genes involved but, unfortunately, the fruit was not edible (bitter) so I never grew it again. The other selection was a large striped red fruit. A few of the dwarf plants produced unstriped fruit and the plants weren’t consistent in size so I didn’t grow it again.

I think the chartreuse gene is recessive as is the dwarf gene, so the fact that you had non-dwarf, non-chartreuse seedlings makes me think your seed source had at least a partial cross and you are possibly growing an F2 selection. It will be interesting to compare yours to Marsha’s. I am guessing you have a tasty, new variety to stabilize and name.

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