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We get this in bags here now for twenty bucs/ 1.5cu or 50litres.At first Wonder Soil started the craze( office in (las Vegas)Then from Europe comes theses guys.Sourced from Asia,processed in Amsterdam.I have five shops and cos. With 5 different brands.Good Bye hornworm laced,sticks,stems,ProMix from Canada.Mixed with age grade vermiculite,some DE,best seed starter for us,All clean,no mud.All the stoners are using,this medium.������
Kurt - Are you using the Mother Earth coco now? Do you think the MEcoco is better than Wonder Soil?

I've been washing the heck out of the cheap bricks (the kind that makes 2.5 CU FT) and it works great. I leave it out in the rain to wash too; Until the water from the hose cools down, the coir gets washed with the hot water. It gets washed until the water from it runs totally clear.

I use coir 75/25 for microgreens and 10-20/90-80 for containers.

I confess; I did buy a brick of Wonder Soil this year. Have you seen how many WS products there are now?

Tom - I had to look up what Hydroton and since you say you don't get weeds, it sounds like your garden is outside. Can you tell us how you use it? Containers ? What ratio of the 3?

Nematode - Never too late; just another season coming up. I am still intrigued with the riococo slabs but never found where you can buy it online?
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