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Originally Posted by Worth1 View Post
Plant them in as big of a pot as you can find.
You dont want them to root stem girdle on you.

You would think that it might happen but that's not the way it works with citrus. I've been digging deeep in this "citrus growing from seed" research and it's better to go up slowly on pot size. They claim the plant=citrus, grows so slow that they could suffer from root rot in a bigger container than is necessary. That makes more sense to me considering even with a light watering that little plant has to suck up and use the water in the whole pot. Even big name nurseries sell 3 year old citrus trees in a 3 gallon container so they must go by the same train of thought. I know they also use that method to save space/resources too but it works more times than not.

I transplanted them in 1 gallon pots today. To my surprise the roots were already coming out of the bottom of that little pot I started them in. To be fair about the pot size, I didn't fill it up to the top and about 1/4 of that root growing space was wasted. They should be good in the new container for a few months.

I also noticed the plant grows a little weird. The original seed is still attached to the plant but it looks like there's a set of leaves inside the seed trying to come out. Am I nuts or did I plant the seed too shallow?

On a side note, I bought a few lemons and mandarin oranges to start some of those too. The fun continues......
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