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Originally Posted by Salsacharley View Post
I've got an EPB with green fruit right now, and hopefully there will be some ripe this week. If so, I'll do a side-by-side comparison with the Texas Pink and the Eva Purple Ball. I'll also try and find out more about the lady that the Atrisco vendor got the TP seeds from.

By the way, the Atrisco vendor is surprisingly ignorant about tomatoes. He told me he grows two 50 ft rows of Texas Pink spaced 1 to 1 1/2 ft apart, and tied up on twine between T poles. I asked him if the plant was indeterminate and he had no idea what I meant, but he said it produces fruit continuously (after I asked). I asked him if the crowding of the plants didn't cause disease and he said if a plant gets disease he just leaves it completely removing, pruning, harvesting or anything. He thinks it causes less damage to just let it die in its place.

I can attest to his growing prowess because the rest of his vegetables are beautiful as is the Texas Pink. I know he had no greedy or malicious intent on renaming the tomato. He just isn't aware of the consequences of doing so.

I'm glad you are growing EPB this summer so you can make that comparison, and also that you'll ask where the seeds come from.

And I've listed quite a few varieties in my SSE listings and alsoin my seed offers where a family kept growing a variety, the original name was lost so they renamed it.

Jean's Prize was one of them, renamed that b'c she won so many contests with it at a local church fair,

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