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Originally Posted by carolyn137 View Post
. . . my book situation . . . and no one takes my sci fi books from me,no one.
Our 'book situations' sound similar -- accumulating large quantities of books since childhood. Though I have few I haven't read -- except some technical/reference books that I've read only partly. I used to support library sales when I lived where they were well run, but here, they have a sale, not, in my view, very well run, and whatever doesn't sell they SEND TO THE DUMP. So their view of books is not something I'd want to support.

Science fiction . . . Asimov, Heinlein, Engdahl's This Star shall Abide series? I don't buy many new books, except technical books -- prefer old books I have or those I download from Gutenberg -- like The House that Jill Built, by E. C. Gardner, late 1800's, excellent book on architecture for non-architects, disguised as humorous fiction.

But if Salsacharley writes a book on the history of Texas Pink I shall look for it.
Might turn out to be an interesting story.
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