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Default Wildthyme's n' Three-Ways

This right here is RL Green When Ripe Wildthyme --

It's the best tasting big tomato I've ever grown. Everything you've heard is true. It's awesome. BUT, and this is a big but; that's the only one I ripened last year. This year we had an oddly long season, and I got two! It. Just straight up hates my climate.
It has, however proven to be useful in a complex cross - (Beauty King x Indigo Rose) x Green When Ripe Wildthyme.

I could be wrong, but I believe Beauty King x Indigo Rose (or the P20?) was the cross that produced Siberian Tiger, Yellow Dragon etc. I made the cross because, at the time, Siberian Tiger wasn't yet "available", but I found it inspiring and exciting.

Anyway, I grew out 4 F1's from the three-way, and every single one of them tasted great. Which stinks, because now I feel obligated to carry them all forward. : They were also all quite productive - hybrid vigor at work.

#1. The sweetest. The first fruits off the plant were a lot smaller then the later fruits.

#2. No antho, and intense contrast between the (bi) colors. The latest to ripen.

#3. The earliest and most productive (TONS of fruit on a big, jungly plant)

#4. Red with subtle antho. Also very sweet. I like how there's two distinct shades of red/pink in the middle. Slightly less productive then the others, though threw the biggest fruit. Great "run down your chin" juice.

What will this cross produce? Bicolors? Tricolors? GWR? Stripes? Antho? GWR, tricolor, striped Antho's? A lot of next years garden is going to be dedicated to finding out. There's even the potential to see a potato leaf or two, since this years GWRWT plants threw a PL.

To really complicate matters, this summer, I also crossed each of these plants to (KBX x Siberian Tiger)F1 and (Damascus Steel x Mikado Orange) F1; so I'll be growing a couple plants from each of those as well (if anyone wants to wade into that mess, I've got a few extra seeds from the F1's I could share). Seeds from any of the above are also, of course, up for grabs. More seg's = more fun!!!

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