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Default Help with selecting what to sell

Some of us local gardeners have put on a local plant sale for 12 years now. It seems like what we sell one year, we don't the next year. We are in northern Wyoming and our niche is heirloom and short season varieties. Please help me select our tomatoes. This is what I have come up with. We do try to limit the number of the 80 day or more tomatoes.

Kimberly, Glacier Stupice or Moravsky Div We have sold them all other than MD
Cosmonaut Volkov (Sometimes it sells and sometimes it doesn't)
Siletz (We tried Polbig last year and it did not sell)
North Dakota Earliana (Our first time last year and it did well in my garden)
Sheyenne (my own seed and it is a good tomato for this area)
Legend (Sometimes it sells and sometimes it doesn't)
Mountain Fresh (Should we switch to Mountain Merit?)
Early Wonder Pink (It is a good tomato)
Applause (I bought a large number of seeds last year since I can no longer buy it)
Goliath ( I have never grown it , but sells most years)
Rutgers-I may be dropping it and would need something similar
Sweet Tangerine (It sells better than other orange tomatoes we have tried)
Lemon Boy
Black Early (earlier than Cherokee Purple)
Green Zebra
Defiant ( I may be dropping because of cost of seeds)
Delicious or Megatom I have a grower that says Megatom is an improved Delicious, but I think name recognition sells Delicious
Mama Leone (it seems to sell better than Heidi did)
Amish Paste
Chadwick Cherry
Sweet Chelsea?
Juliet (a grape type)
Black Cherry
Fargo Yellow Pear
Dropped that did not sell: Dester, Italian Heirloom
Should we try selling Magnus?
Anyone have suggestions of what to add or opinions of what is on the list?

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