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I Realized I never posted the rest of my results from this line - which is a shame, because the later maturing ones were some of the best.

FY 2-11 - This is one of the 3 main segs I'm carrying forward, along with the "Antho Mystery" and the "goes to 11" one Blane Horton found. Though that one may wait 'till next year, since Blane needs to concentrate on getting better, rather than sending out seeds (get well Blane!) Anyway, it tastes exceptional, and is very productive.
The looks speak for themselves. The absolute best GWR I grew this year.

The "Antho Mystery". I'm 95% sure this is (Beauty King x Indigo Rose) x GWRWT but I failed to label it (replaced a failure to survive).
Anyway, it's a contender for my "tomato of the year". Taste is a legit 10/10.
Super sweet and rich in perfect balance. Has dark antho without any taste of inky-ness. Production was outstanding. It was a bit later than is optimal for my climate, but I'll let that go. My #1 overall growout of all my crosses for next year.

FY 1-4 Not the most amazing taster, but check out how dark the leaves were!

L 1-11 Mid season, Bicolor. Taste is a 6
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