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Originally Posted by ContainerTed View Post
If you're looking for more suggestions, I would mention Kodiak Brown and Merced OP. Both are mid/early and really put of the load. I can also recommend Rutgers Select which is larger and more productive than the original Rutgers. For the adventuresome customers, I would definitely suggest Grandma Olivers Chocolate - highly productive and very large, and the taste is off the scale. You might also look at Bison for early, and for a hybrid, Pink Girl is my newest selection for dehybridization growouts. For the saladette size, the one I sell a lot of is "Campari". Huge crops of good tasting three inch balls of good taste.

All of the ones I mentioned above are either early or early/mid season. All are very productive and all are good tasting. Good luck on your marketing adventures.
I think Merced might be a good one for us. One of our growers of plants also owns the local CSA and I will ask him if he has grown Rutgers Select or the regular Rutgers. I grew Bison many years ago but do not recall how it did. I will look up Campari to see if it is an option.
Shawn, I have grown Wes. It is a good meaty tomato. I do like Indian Stripe. Indian Stripe gives high yields for me. It is odd last year that Kellogs Breakfast did not sell well last year. So I am afraid to try to sell KBX, but will grow it for myself. I have not tried Amazon chocolate and I do love the dark tomatoes.
Sue, Craig has mentioned Azoychka and I tried it, but had to pull it up due to disease. I will give it another shot.
Thank you all for your input. I go back and look at this thread every year. I appreciate all of the suggestions.
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