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Everyone's conditions are different, and actually, every year seems different for me, lol. But Sophies Choice and Azoychka are now my standards for early tomatoes. However, I use them to grow in pots away from the main garden. It allows me to have a few extra plants than I can fit in my small garden, but it also makes them even earlier since the pots warm up faster and are portable enough to move or cover in a cold snap. What might very well make the difference in my experience compared to yours, and an even bigger reason I grow them in pots away from the main garden, is that if I have a big problem that spreads in the main garden where they may touch and all share the same soil, they are isolated from it and I still get some tomatoes. Early, protected, and insurance. So to be honest, I can't really give an opinion on disease resistance in a normal garden.
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