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Originally Posted by SueCT View Post
Everyone's conditions are different, and actually, every year seems different for me, lol. But Sophies Choice and Azoychka are now my standards for early tomatoes. However, I use them to grow in pots away from the main garden. It allows me to have a few extra plants than I can fit in my small garden, but it also makes them even earlier since the pots warm up faster and are portable enough to move or cover in a cold snap. What might very well make the difference in my experience compared to yours, and an even bigger reason I grow them in pots away from the main garden, is that if I have a big problem that spreads in the main garden where they may touch and all share the same soil, they are isolated from it and I still get some tomatoes. Early, protected, and insurance. So to be honest, I can't really give an opinion on disease resistance in a normal garden.
I like mano too.

Originally Posted by barbamWY View Post
I just received another seed order with Chocolate Champion and Sweet Adelaide. I was planning on Dwarf Arctic Rose and Dwarf Velvet Night
Of the 4 Dwarf Tomatoes, I have only grown the Dwarf Arctic Rose. If I was to grow three instead of two, which One would you drop?
Also a tomato that I do not see mentioned often on here is Bulgarian Triumph. It does well here for me but I am wondering if any of you have grown it? I am mulling over whether to add it.
I'd take Choc champ and sweet adelaide. But that's mostly because I prefer the taste of those two over the other two.
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