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Originally Posted by upcountrygirl View Post
GoDawgs.. have you grown the Alabama Black eye Butter bean before? I think I saw it for the first time last year in Baker Creek's catalog.. I'm eyeballing it for the garden and I'm wondering how it grows here in the hot, humid south....
I've tried all kinds of bush butterbeans and pole limas over the years and although the plants would do well, the pods just wouldn't fill out. I had about given up until my sister spied that Alabama blackeye butterbean last year at Baker Creek so it was ordered as a last resort. They worked! At least last year. I'm doing them again this year from saved seed.

I grew them on part of a trellis made from field fence (6x6" mesh). They were sown Apr 26, seeds up May 3 and first pick Jul 17 although I probably could have gotten some earlier. The shelled beans a somewhat purplish or tannish tinge to the beans so they're not real pretty on the plate but they were pretty tasty! No disease problems and I'm hoping for a repeat this year.

Here's the trellis on June 27, butterbeans on the right section (cukes on the left).

More growth by July 5:

Saved seed:

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