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All to say, Tomatomania is NOT what it used to be, and no I'm not from CA, but b'c I was asked to do some talks out there on heirloom tomatoes,I get e-mails each season which will say something like

Tomatomania in Long Beach will be held on...

Tomatomania in wherever, I delete those e-mails will be held...

Found this

And yes it was at the Hortus Nursery where I was asked to give those talks,and after that I went back outside with shelter and had a stack of my Tomato heirloom books that they provided, they wanted their customers to be able to get an autographed copy.

And then who stops by but Tom Wagner who had driven down from Bakersfield where he was at the time, and he started talking to me, got a chair and sat down next to me as I'm trying to autograph books, and they had a huge jug of cold freshly made Lemonade on the table as well.

Tom started talking and talking and talking, and yes,I'd known him many years before that via phone and e-mails,but it was the first time I'd ever met him.


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