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Originally Posted by bower View Post
mmm I had fresh cod at Mom's tonight... so good right out of the water. Just seeing the packet of guajillo I can imagine how good they would taste together.

My all time favourite for a fresh whole cod is to stuff and bake it, serve with lemon butter.
The stuffing is the traditional one:
chopped onion, summer savory, bread crumbs, salt pepper and a dab of butter.
Jam as much into the cavity of the fish as you can.. if left exposed will have crunchy bits on top which are fine by me....

Melt butter.. add lemon juice. Use this to anoint your fish and potatoes.
We have been talking about that this week as some of our smaller Cod would be good
whole and baked/grilled. So easy to over-cook. (years ago we did that and made the mistake
of not 'knowing' the fish.
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