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Originally Posted by Mischka View Post
I tasted almost every variety and there were so many great tasting ones that I can only remember the one sole tomato that tasted really terrible.

Copia, hands down. Sour, weird off-flavor and even with a liberal sprinkling of salt it tasted awful. Deceptively attractive to the eye but very rough on the taste buds.

Now I know why there was so much hype written about this variety. It needs all the hype it can get to disguise the fact that it looks much, much nicer than it tastes.
I hear that!!!!!!!!!
I'm glad I only got to eat the one tomato that the 3 foot wide 15 foot long plant put out.

What a waste of space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anybody want some free copia seeds.
I will pay for the postage and handling too.

Happy Fermenting.

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