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Originally Posted by afrance30 View Post
Curious as to why you choose aeroponics as opposed to DWC (Deep Water Culture).

Instead of a larger DWC system should I try something else? Is there problems with DWC I should know about? Just wondering if you had any tips for a hydro newbie.

Sorry for the late reply. I went back to work full time and I'm still trying to for time for life, tomatoes, etc.

Technically, this isn't really aeroponics because as soon as the roots are long enough they'll eventually reach the water.

I've personally had some issues with DWC before. Mainly, it was either too much or too little moisture in the roots, and then the fungal and algae problems that would result.

I like the idea of the roots getting a constant "bath" in a nutrient mist. I think it gives the plants a better chance of taking just what they need without getting waterlogged.
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