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Originally Posted by Cole_Robbie View Post
The plants I have seen grown out in fogponics were at a hydro store. The baskets contained hydroton clay pebbles, and the fog kept creeping up out of the baskets, making algae grow in the top of the clay pebbles.

A pump that makes 35 psi or greater is the easiest way to do aeroponics. They come in different sizes and models. Smaller pumps run continuously and charge a tank, which gets periodically released with each cycle. Large pumps like a well pump just flip on and off with each cycle.

Good luck with your experiments.
Thanks! Actually i have both clay pebbles and Rockwool cubes underneath the black foam thingies. I think the black foam should block out enough light and escaping moisture to keep algae growth on top at bay.

Yeah i like those pump systems. I actually plan to build one at some point. I saw a good video on YouTube about one. Maybe I'll go find it and post it here. But just experimenting small for now. If it fails that's okay. I like learning by doing.
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